My original songs


Higher Ground (Mar)

Pants on Fire (Apr)

Permission to Retreat (Jun)

Old Friend (Sept)


A Little Bit at a Time (Feb)

The Front House (Mar)

Coloured in Yellow (Jul)

Well I Never (Oct)

Safe and Sound (Dec)


What Have You Become (Jan)

The Grand Colour Scheme (Jan)

Our Garden (Feb)

Glass Houses (Jul)

But For Now (Nov)


Unlikely Muse (Feb)

Hud Fish Hud Rock (Feb)

Mountain Air (Apr)

Blind Freddie (Jul)



More Than That (Jan)

Little Soldiers (Mar)

Stories Were Told (May)

Superhero (July)

Holier Than Thou (Nov)



The Rain (Jan)

Hey Pete (Mar)

All Things Considered (Mar)

Going Through (Apr)

Hard Place (Apr)

Two Steps Back (Jun)

Careful (Jun)

The Wind Blows (Jul)

No Alibi (Aug)

Big Like (Nov)


All See Through (May)

Come Out and Play (Jun)

Why Won't She Leave (Jun)

Ebenezer (Jun)

Treading Water (Jul)

Listening to Me (Aug)

Blowing Kisses (Sept)

11 Days (Oct)



Hard to Leave (Jan)

Dad (May)

Blissful Ignorance (Aug)

Hold On (Oct)

Good Grief (Nov)

Sorry (Dec)



Fair Weather Friend (Jan)

Killin' Time (Jan)

Charcoal or Mud (Jan)

3 o'clock in the Morning (Apr)

Crow's Feet (the aftermath) (Jun/Jul)

Bold as a Lion (Aug)

Our Side Rocks (Nov)

Ricochet (Nov)


Paying Enough Attention (Jan)

Not in Control (Feb/Mar)

My Life is Good (Apr)

Six Foot Five (Apr)

What to do (Apr/May)

More Fool Me (May)

Someone Else (Aug)

If Not Now When (Aug)

Spring Clean (Aug)

Vic 3225 (Aug)

It's Chemical (Dec)



Got it Right After All (Jan)

Beautiful Girl (Feb)

Just How it is (Feb)

Your Christmas Tree (Feb)

That Boy (Mar)

Invite Me to Your Party (Mar)

The Best of Friends (Mar)

What Were You Thinking (Mar)

The Day You Looked at Me (Apr)

Sticks and Stones (Bully for you) (Apr) 

Lighten Up (Apr)

That Crazy Thing (May)

Bits and Pieces (May)

They Was Both Good Boys (Jun)

Stop Thinking (Jul)

Only Time Will Tell (Oct/Nov)


My memberships


Folk Alliance Australia

Geelong Folk Music Club

Writers Victoria

Geelong Writers

Australian Writers' Centre

Romance Writers of Australia