I love it when I've nailed the words to my favy songs. 

Van Morrison, Patty Griffin, Paul Simon, Eric Bogle, Emmy Lou Harris - they are among my favourite songwriters of all time, with songs that I have belted out while I'm vacuuming the house or in the car singing my head off with my kids. We can play the same song on repeat twenty times or more trying to get the words right!


I've posted the lyrics to a few of my songs here for anyone

who wants to sing along. I hope you enjoy the stories.


During the 2013/14 summer heatwave, my son was playing a mesmerising melody on his 12 string guitar in our music room. I realised he was John Butler-ing the chord progression I'd used for "Ebenezer", and I found myself singing the lyrics to "The Rain". My first collaboration with my beautiful boy!


Ebenezer was a beautiful eleven year old Ethiopian boy who'd settled in Geelong with his mum. He was accidentally killed riding his bike to school in May 2013 and it made the headline news. I found myself deeply affected by his story. My daughter was much the same age at the time and I have a precious Ethiopian niece. Many decades ago, my immigrant grandparents lost their beloved daughter Ursula, my Mum's older sister, on the eve of her twelfth birthday. 


I wrote "Ebenezer" for his mum, whom I'd never met, and this song is for her, my friend, heartfelt, from one mother to another.